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Sustainable operations

Renewable energy

Over 95% of the energy consumed by Phosboucraa is provided by the Foum El Oued wind farm.


Wind farm of Foum El Oued - 2014


Fresh water preservation program

As part of OCP Group’s underground fresh water preservation program (financed by 2 leading international development institutions), Phosboucraa has built its own seawater desalination plant for its industrial process and all excess water is redistributed to the Region.

Production of up to 4100 m3/day of water (i.e., 1.5 Million m3/year).


Reverse osmosis membranes used in the seawater desalination process – Laayoune - 2014


Sustainable Mining

Increase the lifespan of the mine and optimize its beneficiation process by building a flotation unit.


Boucraa’s mine - 2016


Health and Safety

Worldclass health and safety policies co-developed with Dupont de Nemours through OCP’s joint venture “DuPont OCP Operations Consulting”.


Laayoune’s wharf – 2015