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Urban development

With an investment of nearly USD 205 million, Phosboucraa, a subsidiary of OCP Group, together with the Phosboucraa Foundation have launched a large-scale project, the Technopole Foum El Oued.

The Technopole is located in Foum El Oued, 18 km from Laayoune city and unfolds on the Atlantic coast, on nearly 600 ha between ocean and desert

The Technopole will be devoted to support the Southern Regions , especially the industrial development of Phosboucraa through training, skills development, and supporting the creation of local and regional businesses.

The Foum El Oued Technopole - Laayoune will offer many benefits, particularly in terms of job creation and investment. It should mobilize nearly 1,800,000 man-days during the construction phase and is expected to create 1200 permanent jobs by 2022.

The Foum El Oued Technopole - Laayoune will accommodate three major centers:
1-    A teaching and research pole around themes related to the Saharan environment. R & D will focus on three main areas

  • Agriculture: Saharan agriculture; Biosaline agriculture; water nutrient and energy efficiency, in agriculture; Animal Health (camels)
  • Water: recycling for irrigation, watering and industrial processes; new wastewater treatment technologies, saline waters; desalinization
  • Energy: renewable energy; natural resources valorisation: solar, wind, marine, hydro; energetic efficiency
  • Eco-construction: Research for the enhancement of eco-construction concepts and techniques in the Saharan context.

2-    A regional economic development support pole (business incubator, business center ...)
3-    A cultural pole (museum, retail and crafts village, ...)
- Those poles are complemented with social infrastructures (health, hospitality, sports and recreation, village Gherj El khil) and environmental infrastructures (coastal preservation of Foum El Oued).
Like all OCP Group urban development projects, the Technopole Foum El Oued - Laayoune is designed according to international environmental standards.