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Human capital

Our most valuable asset is our Human Capital. After all, ore deposits only become an asset when you have the skills and expertise to create shared value out of them, for the benefit of the Region and its inhabitants.

Mr. Maoulainine, Phosboucraa's General Manager.

Human Capital is at the heart of Phosboucraa’s industrial strategy. This is the reason why the company invests to develop and consolidate the skill set of its long-time employees and new-hires.

Phosboucraa strives to improve the living conditions of its employees and the local community, and encourages the development of dynamic and thriving local economies. Indeed, the company believes that it is these local pools of talents and skills that will ultimately constitute the backbone of the long-term growth of the company.

Today, Phosboucraa is the single largest job provider of the region with more than 2194 employees. Of these, 76% are locals while they represented a mere 4% in 1977.

Since OCP first invested in Phosboucraa in 1976, priority has been placed on hiring workers from the Region, local skill-building and equal opportunity employment. Spectacular progress has been achieved, especially in terms of vocational and professional training, notably with the creation of dedicated training centers such as the ITA (Institut de Technologie Appliquée) in Laayoune. As a result, today, more than 85% of Phosboucraa new hires are locals with strong community roots.

Phosboucraa is committed to helping its employees perform at their best. The company empowers its people with means that enable them to fully assume their responsibilities and develop their personal abilities and skills to operate efficiently in a changing environment.



Maintenance units – Laayoune - 2015



Phosboucraa offers a wide range of training and development support programs designed to convey the values of the company and to strengthen soft skills and industry expertise.



Laayoune’s laboratory - 2016



In December 2015, Phosboucraa launched a program to hire and train 500 young professionals with profiles ranging from industrial processing to maintenance and civil engineering. These talents will actively contribute to the success of the current industrial development program.

Employees’ Health and Safety

Employees’ health and safety are priorities for Phosboucraa, that is why the company is co-developing world class health and safety policies in partnership with "DuPont OCP Operations Consulting"



Laayoune’s Wharf - 2015